About Us

Polimex Profil is an experienced and modern company specialised in the processing of standard, comfortable, technical and other related polyurethane foam. By analysing individual customers’ needs, we select, design and create an optimal solution for every individual user. With specifically defined technological and manufacturing processes and cutting edge equipment, we are able to process any materials in a quick, precise and cost-effective way. The members of the POLIMEX PROFIL team are committed and mobilised specialists who remain open to innovations and a practical approach to assigned projects.


The company was founded in 1997 following the initiative of a husband and wife team, Marlena and Waldemar LatoÅ„. The first profile of the company’s business activity was procurement and processing of polyurethane foam waste. Processed granulated waste was shipped to local upholstered furniture factories. The established contacts and customers’ trust developed by the company owners have opened up the prospect of delivering full value foam components to the same customers. The capital collected over the years and the big determination of company owners allowed the company to purchase the first manual and semi-automatic foam cutting machines. The company started employing staff and established its registered office on the outskirts of Solec Kujawski. The development of the upholstered furniture market in Poland at the turn of the century as well as the open and solution-oriented minds of company owners ensured further growth. Our stock of machines was supplemented by new equipment, gluing stations were set up in CNC centres and the company changed into an enterprise employing several dozen workers. Such a state of affairs let Polimex Profil pursue its activities outside the furniture industry. New customers such as mattress manufacturers and representatives of the packaging, domestic appliance, automotive, environmental protection and other industries using foam joined the company. In 2009 the company owners made a decision to build a new head office. Consequently, a modern, integrated production hall with an area of 2,500 m3, connected with administrative-office building, was put into use in 2012. Today, POLIMEX PROFIL is a company focused on the needs of customers from various industries. It is fully automated, optimally managed and employs several dozen workers. The newly created Procurement Department, Technology and Production Optimisation Department, Production Department and Sales Department, which cooperate closely on the basis of specific procedures, form a common organisation fulfilling the company mission and pursuing the assumed objectives.