Foam can be found almost anywhere. We associate it with something soft, comfortable and convenient. When offering foam to our customers we try to understand their needs, immerse ourselves in the task at hand and propose good and well-considered solutions. In order to help our customers specify their needs and shorten the project execution time as much as possible, we have divided our operations into four main groups. Every day we work towards optimisation of processes and improving the quality of our services.

Inspired by projects of our customers, we offer, advise and develop high quality solutions for the broadly understood industry of upholstered furniture. We can actively participate in the project by selecting foam and technologies to achieve an optimal solution, if our customer so desires. We offer foam in every possible form to include blocks, boards, profiles, sections and components made of foam or other upholstery-related elements. Owing to the availability of materials from many foam manufacturers in Poland and the entire Europe our capabilities of selection are practically unlimited.

We develop and deliver modern and very comfortable solutions for mattress manufacturers. A combination of specialist high resilience, flame retardant, thermoelastic foam with high quality bonell or pocket type springs results in a wide range of mattress filling. Our partners in such projects are manufacturers of both standard mattresses and mattresses for babies, children and medical applications. We hold all certificates authorising us to use these materials in all the above-mentioned products.

We develop ourselves by taking on new challenges. Pursuing new and interesting solutions for our equipment, we expand cooperation in the field of technical applications for foam. We have established an engineering and implementation department opened to the market demands on packaging for electronic devices, filtration, automotive industry and acoustics which let us expand cooperation with partners in this area. Our asset is great flexibility which allows us to complete both large and small-size projects, very often without the need to invest in expensive forms and tools. Our customers are national leaders of electronic hardware servicing or liquid filtration.

Foam is present in our homes. It fulfils various functions in the kitchen, bathroom or garage. Everyday duties also inspire to conduct new searches. This was our motivation to establish the production department of foam profiles. End products of our partners include dishrags, sponges, washcloths for children, car sponges. A variety of attractive colours, original shapes and specific structures of foam in combination with optimisation and maximum use of material allows us to offer interesting and competitive products.